Time management


Keep track of your daily life!

Track your Absences, Trips and ToDo's. Just in time, wherever you are, usually with a single click.

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With justLOG tracking your everyday (business) life can become what it is, a necessary side issue, that is done „by the way“, with a minimum of effort.

So save money and time, while staying focused on what matters most.

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Symbol einer Uhr

Time log

Symbol eines Lenkrades

Driver's log

Symbol eine Weltkugel

Absence log

justLOG your ToDo, when it happens ...

Set up a ToDo and log times on it, anytime, anywhere.

Start, Stop or Switch the recording with normally only one click.

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No idea what you are recording times for, ...

so define up to 5 levels of grouping for your ToDo's and use your own wording for the labels.

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Why log your rides later ...

when you can do it, just in time, with justLOG?

Create your vehicle, push the start button and the ride can begin.

By the way, the absence from your base location (e.g. company or home) is recorded.

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Keep an overview, ...

how you spent your time and where your rides had gone.

Correct logs or add new ones, if necessary.

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Reports needed?


  • absence reports for the time you spent away from your base
  • driver's logs for the rides you recorded
  • timesheets for the activities you logged

as .pdf or .csv file and send them to anyone you want, directly via email.

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Technical equipment

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